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Winner Badges - 2010 - Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Awards
Now we've won twice. Thank you.
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Anime Forever Wiki - Anime Forever Wiki
Kizumonogatari: Movie 2 - Coming Soon..
Welcome to Anime Forever, the best Anime wiki on Wetpaint, and winner of the 2010 Golden Paint Cans 'Anime' award!

This wiki is about more than just Anime - you can talk on the Official Chat Thread, and get to know people! You don't even have to like Anime to have fun here. And we promise you:
  • 700+ Active, Friendly Members
  • 3 Helpful Site Owners, and a team of Moderators
  • No Spam, Offensive Content, or Trolls
  • And of course, lots of fun!
So, we hope you have lots of fun here!

Feb. 2016: Tosan139 brings back AnimeForever

Anime Character of the Week: Rory Mercury
Source: Gate

Anime Forever Wiki - Anime Forever Wiki
  • Total Member Count: 700+
  • Biggest Thread: AF Chat Thread 1
  • Owners: Tosan139
  • Retired Owners: Naru2008 , Bodhisattva-Uchiha, Maxwilly, Naruto87
  • Moderators: None
  • Best Contributor: Tosan139
1. Longest On going Thread: Official Anime Forever Chat Thread 7,000+ replies.
2. Users that have over 1000 Contributions: Tosan139, Super13, Naru2008, Naruto87, Shinigamisama, DemetriusDaKing, Aysha65, Shadowtail, Curse_mark_1200, Maxwilly
3. Users that have over 1000 Page Edits: Tosan139, Naruto87, Aysha65, DemetriusDaKing, Naru2008
4. Users that have over 1000 Threads: Tosan139, Shinigamisama, Shadowtail, Cures_mark_1200, Aysha65, Naruto87, Naru2008.
5. We Won $30 Google AdWords Credit.
6. Most Active Day Ever: 9/27/10
7. Won the 2010 Golden Paint Can Award

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